Young Blood Initiative aims to showcase collaborative practice, creating a community where artists can explore other ways to create, acting as a platform where they can experiment to go outside of their usual practice and to play. YBI is not a platform to show good art, YBI is a place to experiment. Instead of simply creating shows that present great works, we provide the opportunity for artists to play.

Freedom to Play

We aim to be a safe place for artists and creatives to challenge, dare and experiment with their usual practice. We want PLAY to be the keyword of organising ourselves, interacting with the YBI community and structuring showcases or events.

 We collaborate

We believe that through collaboration, we discover more possibilities in our practice. Collaborating across different art disciplines usually brings unexpected results.

 We are a community

Currently YBI includes about 30 artists/ creatives across a few countries, with London being the second biggest hub after Amsterdam: Asia Dér, Anastasia Kostner, Denis Guzzo, Camille Verhaak, Candy Choi, Egle on Pluto, Kristien Sonnevijlle, Elin de Jong, Ami Powles, Victoria Soto Madrid, Bera Romairone, Maarten van der Glas, Armina Stepan, Jimena Mendizabal der Moral, Stefano Sgarbi, Gábor Hartyáni, James Hewitt, Kasper Jelaiskis, Lucas Brailsford, María Sempere Valdecantos, Mark Zask, Riccardo Russomanno, Risa Takita, Risja Steeghs, Olga Salamon, Tashi Iwaoka.


Do you want to collaborate? Think we should have a podcast? Or just join us for a drink? Let us know! 
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